Espresso Vivace Roasteria

Seattle, Washington
Geneva Sullivan, David Schomer
Head Roaster
Danial Reid
Lead Barista
Seattle, Washington
AWARDS Awarded best of city by National Geographic Traveler Magazine. REVIEWS ""Coffee Prophet"". Seattle Times ""Dream Bean"". Puget Sound Business Journal ""... Vivace up on Capitol Hill. In my opinion it is the finest coffee bar in the US..."" Nicholas Lander London Financial Times ""Meet Espresso's Exacting Master"". Jon Bonne, editor, MSNBC ""Perfect espresso"". Tea & Coffee Trade Journal ""Widely regarded as the espresso expert"". Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine

Founded in 1988 by husband-and-wife team David Schomer and Geneva Sullivan, Espresso Vivace has a long history of developing and promoting espresso as a culinary art. Since 1992, Vivace has been roasting coffee in the Northern Italian style, a fully developed roast that delivers all the caramelized sweetness of the coffee bean without the charred edge that mars many dark roasts. In pursuit of quality, Espresso Vivace sources all of its coffees from farms that practice the ""old"" coffee growing method that's now known as ""shade-grown"" coffee. The plantations from which Vivace buys feature complete eco-systems and practice meticulous harvesting, drying and processing techniques. Espresso Vivace pays a premium price to ensure that the farms provide good working conditions, and pay a living wage, as top-quality coffee only comes from farms that operate in socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable ways. Espresso Vivace offers two espresso blends, Espresso Vita and Espresso Dolce, which have long been proclaimed to be among the finest espresso blends in the country.

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