Cuvée Coffee

Spicewood, TX
Mike and Rashelle McKim
Head Roaster
Logan Allender
Lead Barista
Spicewood, TX
2013: Witness Project Fall- Good Food Award Winner
Samiac 30 kilo, Samiac 10 kilo

Founded in 1998, Cuvée Coffee is a veritable old-timer in the specialty coffee industry, having provided coffee enthusiasts with sustainable artisanal coffee for 15 years. When Mike McKim began roasting coffee as a side business in 1998, he had a simple philosophy: buy the highest-quality coffee available, roast it to exacting standards, deliver it fresh and teach people the proper ways to brew it. That philosophy has never changed, even as Cuvée has grown and been credited with pioneering the specialty coffee movement in Texas. Today, Cuv??e Coffee is recognized as one of the premier specialty coffee roasters in the country, and it still focuses on providing great coffee, roasted perfectly and delivered fresh the ultimate coffee experience.

Sustainability and Fair Trade are not just buzz words for the folks at Cuv??e Coffee. To continue delivering on their commitment to providing great, sustainable coffee, Cuv??e sources all of its selections through fair, direct relationships with farmer-partners who are dedicated to producing the highest-quality coffees using sustainable methods. The Cuvée team works with each farmer to help develop and implement methods of growing better coffee in ways that do not damage the environment, and to help create a positive impact on the quality of life for everyone that touches the coffee in any way on its journey from the seed to your cup.

Cuvée's coffee offerings include a range of specialty single-origin coffees and blends created from seasonal, ethically sourced coffees from Latin America and Africa. Every blend is crafted exclusively from coffees that are also sold as single-origins because Cuvée believes that the finished coffee is only as good as the parts you use to make it. Their Spicewood 71 Classic and Decaf blends are fine examples of the potential rewards offered by this approach.

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