Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

Chicago, Illinois
Phil Tadros
Head Roaster
Dennis Jackson
Lead Barista
Talya Strader, Brian Frain
Chicago, Illinois
2013: 4th Place, Big Central Regional Barista Competition, Kansas City MO- Talya Strader 2013: 3rd Place, Coffee Fest Chicago, America's Best Espresso Competition- Brian Frain

Bow Truss Coffee has a mission--to bring together classy coffee and cozy people and put out a brew that is the culmination of the union. The coffee roaster, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a collective of veteran coffee professionals, each of whom brings his own experience, expertise and viewpoint to the enterprise. The group, trained in the best cafes and restaurants across Chicago, combines a passion for quality coffee with a minimalist philosophy toward roasting coffee to create artisanal small-batch roasts on demand, using Direct Trade beans from farms in Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ethiopia and other famed coffee-producing regions. Bow Truss is small enough to roast on demand, and every coffee is roasted to order to ensure absolute freshness. The company is picky about the lots of coffee that it purchases, sourcing only the finest small crops of coffee beans from farms with whom they have developed a personal relationship. Bow Truss strives to present a lineup of coffees that is diverse, with unique flavors that can please a variety of palates without compromising the distinct flavors of a single offering. To that end, they have assembled a line of premium single-origin coffees from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and Papua New Guinea, as well as house and signature blends for both drip and espresso brewing. Bow Truss Coffee's offerings vary seasonally. A typical lineup might include a Costa Rica La Violeta Tarrazu, an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and a Guatemala Antigua San Rafael Urias Estate coffee, alongside their signature Bow Tie, Canopy and Threadless blends for drip and Hoist and Foundation Espresso blends.

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