Barefoot Coffee Roasters

Santa Clara, CA
Jon and Jillian Dolin
Head Roaster
Patrick Gaudet
Lead Barista
Santa Clara, CA
2007-2013: Metro Silicon Valley Best of- Best Coffee Roasters 2006: Food and Wine Magazine- Top 4 Boutique Roaster in the U.S. 2013: Imbibe Magazine- One of Top Cold Brews in U.S. 2011: 12 Most- One of the 12 Most Enthusiast-Friendly Roasters in the U.S. 2013: Daily Meal- Roasters we Love
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Barefoot Coffee Roasters was founded in 2003 by a guy who hated coffee until he had one perfectly extracted espresso. That's the story told by Andy Newbom, founder and long-time owner of Barefoot Coffee Roasters, based in San Jose, CA. Newbom founded Barefoot Coffee on one simple principle: treating coffee as a culinary product, deserving of respect and care. Newbom and Barefoot Coffee are among the pioneers of the Direct Trade movement. They buy their coffees from farmers with whom they have established long-term relationships based on mutual respect and love for coffee, and make a point of delivering farm-fresh beans in season and at their most delicious. Direct Trade allows Barefoot Coffee to pay at least 25% more than the Fair Trade export price, and to collaborate with farmers to grow excellent coffee sustainably. Buyers from Barefoot Coffee Roasters frequently travel to farms in Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua to meet with farmers and producers and to personally select the coffees they'll feature in the upcoming season. Barefoot Coffee's roasting philosophy is to highlight terroir and the flavor nuances that make each harvest unique. That philosophy even shows itself in the words Barefoot Coffee Roasters chooses to describe the flavors in their coffee: their coffees don't taste of ""cocoa"" or have ""delicate floral notes""; rather, they explode in your mouth with flavors like guava, chocolate ganache, banana split Sunday or cola berry. Barefoot Coffee Roasters regularly offers a changing selection of single-origin coffees from Africa and Central America, as well as their own in-house blends Redcab and The Heavy for drip coffee and Redcab Espresso, Boss Espresso and Haiku Espresso for espresso.

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