Happy Irish Coffee Day

The Examiner.com ran a short article announcing that today, January 25, is the annual Irish Coffee Day. There’s still time to celebrate with the delicious hot coffee-Irish Whiskey combo that’s perfect for a cold January night.

Apparently it was in the 1940’s; Chef Joe Sheridan mixed some Irish Whiskey into hot coffee to placate cold, damp passengers on a flight that was delayed due to bad weather. Though the flight was from the Port of Foynes in Ireland to New York, the drink didn’t become popular in the US until 1952.

The Examiner shares several different Irish Coffee recipes. This is one:

Hot coffee
1 ounce of Irish whiskey
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
Whipped cream

Brew the coffee and pour it into tall Irish Coffee cups.
Add the sugar and extract, stirring between each addition, making sure the sugar mixes in.
Add the whiskey and stir again.
Top with the whipped cream.

Extra precaution: if you’re using a glass cup, setting a spoon in the glass will help keep the glass from cracking due to the extreme change in temperature.

The ideal Irish Coffee should have a cold, think, firm, creamy head topping the dark, clear, scalding hot coffee-whiskey mix. The cream and coffee should not mix together, as tradition says, half the pleasure is sipping the hot coffee through the cold creamy layer.

Now that you know how to make and judge a good Irish Coffee, sit back and enjoy its day. We can especially enjoy the fact that we’re not sitting in a damp plane on a cold runway waiting for a storm to lift so we can make the 25-hour journey across the Atlantic.

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