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Industrial aesthetics and professional grade components combine to make the La Pavoni Professional 16-cup lever machine the machine of choice among espresso enthusiasts. Its timeless beauty makes it a standout on any counter, whether it’s at home or at your catering station. The gleaming exterior houses a solid brass boiler and heavy brass portafilter that provide exceptional heat retention and temperature control for pulling shot after shot of espresso topped with exquisite crema, up to 16 shots before the 38-oz. capacity boiler needs a refill.



The La Pavoni Professional boasts a heavy-duty chromed brass portafilter that weighs a full 12 ounces, making it ideal for attaining and maintaining the temperature needed to brew perfect espresso. It includes a single and a double portafilter basket so you can choose whether to pull one shot or two at a time.



La Pavoni has outfitted the Professional with a 38-oz. heavy-duty brass boiler designed to maintain temperature stability with excellent heat conductivity. The internal thermostat keeps the boiler at the right temperature, and the safety pressure reset switch prevents it from burning out if it goes dry or overheats. The boiler heats up fast, reaching an impressive 225 degrees within about 10 minutes, and maintaining the temperature as long as the machine is on.



Because steam for frothing is drawn directly from the boiler, you’ll have all the steam you need to perfectly froth milk for your cappas, lattes and macchiatos. The boiler pressure maintains a steady .7-.8 bars of pressure, ideal for producing velvety microfoam to top your favorite espresso drinks. You can switch from steam to brew and back again with no wait time, and an external pressure gauge lets you monitor the boiler pressure for problems. La Pavoni gives you two choices for frothing milk: manual steam through the stainless steel steam wand or automatic frothing with the included automatic frother.



  • 38-oz boiler capacity: makes up to 16 2 oz. shots of espresso
  • Nickel plated, solid brass boiler for quick heating and impressive temperature stability
  • External boiler pressure gauge to monitor pressure
  • Internal thermostat for pressure control
  • 38-oz. capacity boiler pulls up to 16 shots before needing a refill
  • Sight glass to monitor water level in boiler
  • 2 professional brass portafilters: one or two spouts, provide excellent temperature stability
  • Professional 3-hole steam wand for optimal foaming
  • Pressure relief valve and thermal fuse for safety
  • Available with a nickel-plated exterior, gold-plated exterior or with solid rosewood accents



  • The La Pavoni Professional 16 is drop-dead gorgeous. It will look great wherever you choose to display it.
  • Once you master the technique, you’ll be pulling some of the best espresso shots you’ve ever tasted.
  • 38-ounce boiler is great when you’re brewing for a crowd. Pull 16 2-ounce shots without refilling.
  • Surprisingly small footprint for such an eye-catching machine



  • It takes a bit of practice to get the manual technique down.
  • While the manufacturer claims the machine heats to brewing temp in five minutes, some users report times up to 15 minutes, but the espresso is worth the wait.
Model: PPG-16 (Brass) PBB-16 (Black) PC-16 (Chrome)
Dimensions: 16 x 4.5 x 12 in 11 x 7 x 12 16 x 14.6 x 9.8 in
Weight: 15 lb 17 lb 16 lb
Automation: Manual: lever Manual: lever Manual: lever
Boiler: Brass, nickel-plated Brass, nickel-plated Brass, nickel-plated
Steam Arm:       Manual or automatic (attachment)         Manual or automatic (attachment)         Manual or automatic (attachment)
Watts: 1000 1000 1000
Volts: 110 110 110

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La Pavoni

The La Pavoni brand is inextricably intertwined with the history of espresso and specialty coffee. The company was founded in 1905 when Desiderio Pavoni purchased the patent for the first espresso machine from Luigi Bezzera. His improvements to Bezzera’s design made the machine more functional and usable in a commercial setting. The first commercially successful espresso machine, the Ideale, ushered in a new era in coffee preparation and style. Within just a few years, the best cafés and hotel bars in the world boasted ornately detailed La Pavoni lever espresso machines. In 1961, La Pavoni introduced its first manual espresso machine for the home market, the Europiccola, which featured a vertical boiler to heat the water and a lever to pull shots. From its introduction, La Pavoni was synonymous with style and distinction, and the Europiccola was no exception. It was used by no less of an arbiter of high-class, suave sophistication than James Bond, who pulled a shot from it for M. in the 1973 film, “Live and Let Die.” Today, La Pavoni still offers Europiccola espresso machines, the Professional line of espresso machines, the Stradivari and other beautifully crafted and styled lever piston espresso machines for home use. La Pavoni also offers a full line of commercial espresso machines.