Gaggia New Baby Espresso Machine

The Gaggia New Baby is a sleek, modern semi-automatic espresso machine from one of the best-known names in the espresso industry. It boasts a commercial style chrome-plated marine brass portafilter for superior heat retention during brewing, a 3-way solenoid for immediate pressure release after pulling a shot and special Turbo Frother attachment that makes frothing milk simple anyone.
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The Gaggia Baby was the original home espresso machine, released by Gaggia more than 25 years ago. Now, the Italian company has brought her back as the New Baby, with the same internal and “business” components as the more expensive Gaggia Classic, but with a sleeker, curvier Thermoset plastic housing in shiny black with a stainless steel front panel. The controls are simple to master, and the Turbo Frother attachment on the steam wand makes it easy to whip up milk for cappuccinos, macchiato and other milk-based drinks.



The Gaggia New Baby boasts commercial grade components that belie its low, entry level price. They include a commercial quality group head made of machine grade brass plated with chrome and a powerful 55-watt, 15-bar pump. The aluminum boiler is designed for quick heat recovery with dual heaters, allowing you to pull shots within a minute of steaming milk for cappuccino.



With only three buttons – brew, power and steam – the Gaggia New Baby makes it easy for even complete beginners to pull a good shot of espresso. Just turn on the power, wait for the indicator light to signal the machine’s readiness, and push the brew button to draw a shot.



  • Chrome-plated marine brass  portafilter
  • 3.5oz boiler with two external  heating elements
  • 55 watt electric pump
  • Three-way solenoid valve
  • Stainless steel front panel and  housing in ivory or black
  • 64 oz removable water  reservoir
  • Turbo-Frother attachment
  • Compatible with ground coffee or ESE  pods
  • Single shot, double shot and ESE pod stainless steel portafilter baskets
  • Plastic tamper and measuring scoop



  • Excellent quality for an entry level machine
  • Easy to use – just three buttons
  • Heats to brewing temperature fast
  • Turbo Frother attachment makes it easy to froth and steam milk
Model: 12101
Dimensions: 9.6 x 10.4 x 15.7 in
Weight: 14 lb
Automation: Semi-Automatic
Boiler: One: small volume, aluminum
Water Reservoir:     60 oz
Steam Arm: Plastic Pannarello, articulating
Portafilter: 58 mm; 1 lb chrome plated brass
Watts: 1425
Volts: 110

Customer Reviews

Gaggia Baby Review by gary55
I've owned my Gaggia Baby for two years and have had not problems with it. I descale it every three months, back flush it twice a month. Just wish it had a bigger boiler, since I drink nothing but straight shots I have no problem but if I were to make milk drinks then you'd have to wait for the boiler to heat up to produce steam and then you are limited to making one then have to was a little to make a second. But I'm very satisfied with it since it was my first espresso machine, when I go to up grade I'll looking at either a double boiler or an HX machine with the E61 group head. (Posted on 9/29/2015)

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Gaggia is one of the oldest and most respected names in the espresso world. The connection between Gaggia and Italian espresso goes back to 1938, when Achille Gaggia, the company’s founder, applied for a patent for the first steam-free espresso machine. Since its 1947 founding, Gaggia has built on their heritage to introduce innovations and improvements to espresso machines while remaining true to its roots. Originally producing only espresso machines for commercial use, Gaggia introduced its first home espresso machine in 1952 and the first professional espresso machine made expressly for home use in 1977. The Gaggia Baby is still one of Gaggia’s most popular models. The company now produces the majority of its espresso machines for the home market. The Gaggia brand has stood for high quality and innovation throughout its history and continues to do so today. It continues to rank at the top of market in Italy, a country that certainly understands both quality and espresso. Gaggia’s reputation is built on that quality. Every machine is built using the same high-quality materials and build quality expected in commercial machines. Technological innovation has been part of the company’s DNA since its founding, and Gaggia continues to innovate and improve the espresso machine with an ever-growing line of semi-automatic, super-automatic and single-serve espresso machines for discerning espresso aficionados throughout the world.